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Legal services we provide
Transport law

We prepare and review freight and passenger carriage, freight forwarding, logistics, warehousing and other contracts, consult regarding conclusion, performance, amendment and termination of such contracts;

We prepare claims, responses to claims, instructions and other documents used in the business of transportation companies;

We prepare legal opinions on the carrier’s civil liability, limitation, allocation and relief from it;

We advise on application of CMR, TIR, AETR conventions and European Union legal regulation in the transport sector;

We consult regarding other local and international freight and passenger carriage related issues;

We represent in freight carriage disputes and disputes concerning the freight carrier’s civil liability, insurance, compensation, etc;

We represent in disputes with state authorities, customs;

We manage freight claims.

Labour law

We advise on employee recruitment, dismissal, posting, remuneration, disciplinary and material liability and other issues;

We prepare non-standard employment contracts and the company’s internal rules (employee handbooks, job descriptions, etc.);

We prepare various types of collective bargaining agreements;

We advise on temporary employment matters;

We advise on establishment of trade unions and labor councils and relationships with them;

We prepare contracts of full liability;

We prepare employee confidentiality and non-competition agreements;

We advise on safety and health requirements and regulations;

We advise on the European Union’s regulations regarding employment and social protection;

We advise on employment of foreign nationals in Lithuania, as well as Lithuanian citizens’ employment abroad;

We advise on legal relationships of public service;

We represent in both individual and collective labour disputes.

Contract law

We prepare various contracts (sale-purchase, rent, real estate purchase, service, usage, loan, collaboration, assignment, etc.);

We consult on conclusion, modification, execution, termination and invalidation of contracts;

We perform legal due diligence of contracts;

We advise on contract performance security issues (mortgage, guarantee, deposit, etc.);

We advise on transfer of contractual rights and obligations;

We advise on civil liability, dismissal from it.

Debt collection

We recover debts using pre-trial and judicial means;

We prepare claims and other documents regarding inadequate performance of contracts and debt recovery;

We prepare court order statements, claims according to the documentary procedure, claims according to the general debt recovery procedure.

Representation and dispute resolution

We represent in concluding or changing business transactions, as well as in negotiations regarding business transactions;

We represent in pre-trial disputes and relations with the state and municipal authorities;

We intermediate with bailiffs and notaries;

We represent in labour disputes at the Labour Disputes Commissions acting under the State Labour Inspectorate;

We prepare various procedural court documents (claims, counterclaims, responses to claims, replies, rejoinders, special claims, appeals, cassation complaints, peace treaties, etc.).

Licenses and permits

We consult and prepare documents in order to obtain:

Payment institution license;

Electronic money institution license;

Credit union license;

Financial brokerage company license;

Financial advisor company license.

We also consult and prepare documents required for being listed in the public list of consumer credit lenders and currency exchange operators’ list.

Finance law

We advise on regulatory issues and compliance of financial institutions;

We represent in negotiations and consult on conclusion of transactions regarding financing (credit, leasing, factoring, bank guarantees and other agreements);

We perform due diligence of financing transactions;

We consult on a range of issues regarding financial services regulation and provision;

We advise on regulation of payment cards, electronic money and other means of payment and their potential application in the business;

We prepare contracts and internal documents necessary for provision of financial services;

We consult on issues regarding money laundering and terrorist financing prevention;

We represent businesses and consumers in disputes with financial institutions;

We consult on VISA/MasterCard membership and its forms, as well as financial products offered;

We prepare documents required for VISA/MasterCard membership.